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As I write shit I leave it here for your viewing (dis)pleasure.

I write whenever the mood strikes me. The only problem is that I can't speel for shit and my grammar sucks. You're still here so you must actually want to know what the hell I write about.

I have always had a love for Sci-Fi and hence my ultimate goal is to write a full length Sci-Fi book. In the mean time I practice my art in other areas. I currently have several ongoing stories relating to my love of RPGs. Essentially these are the life of some of my characters based in the Eberron fantasy setting.

I'm currently practicing the Art of Writing with the childhood of Delya. She is a character I've used in a few MMOs in the past. Few if anyone would recognize her under her true name. Her character is well developed and understood by those who have had the pleasure of meeting her. Her childhood though remains a veil of mystery. I've chosen first person for this as it is considered very difficult to do properly and I need to push myself. If it turns out well enough I may even include parts of this in my future book *pulls tongue out of cheek*

The story of Delya is growing in size every week. This means the story page has gotten rather long. Those with slow connections or who prefer small pages can view the story in smaller chunks now.

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